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Countries and Cities

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Halong bay, Vietnam
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Halong bay, Vietnam
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Porto, Portugal
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Litauen Trakai
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Estland, Tallinn
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Winter Palace
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Petra, Jordan
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Chile, Torres del Paine
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Sicily, Segesta
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Sicily, Monreale
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Hurtigrouten, MS Trollfjord
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North Cape, Norway
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Trollfjord, Norway
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Mattertal, Switzerland
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Seyschellen, La Digue
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Safari in Kenya
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Seyschelles, La Digue
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Travel reports

Name Type
Achilleion, Korfu Cultural tour
Albi, France Cultural tour
Alsace Cultural tour
Angkor Wat Cultural tour
Artstetten Cultural tour
Aschach at the Danube Danube cycling
Astano, Tessin Travel and singing
Bad Münstereifel Way of St. James
Blankenheim Way of St. James
Baltic States + St. Petersburg (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) Cultural tour
Budapest Danube cycling
Cappadocia Cultural tour
Carnuntum Danube cycling
Canada Hollidays
Cologne - Trier Way of St. James
Erfurt, Weimar, Eisenach Travel and singing
Engadin Hiking vacations
Enns Danube cycling
Genoa Cultural tour
Görlitz - Leipzig Way of St. James
Gota Way of St. James
Great Ocean Road, Australia Sightseeing
River cruise on the Douro River cruise
Netherlands, Belgium, Nijmegen - Maastricht - Dinant - Mons - Tournai - Lille - Bruges, River Cruise River cruise
Etrétat, Normandy France River Cruise
Fulda Way of St. James
Hanoi Cultural tour
Honfleur, Normandy France River Cruise
Hue Cultural tour
Hurtigruten Cruise
Indochina (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) Cultural tour
Inn valley cycle path Landeck-Salzburg Cycling tour
Jordan Cultural tour
Kenya Parish trip
Le Havre, Normandy France River Cruise
Linz Danube cycling
Bad Münstereifel Way of St. James
Leipzig Way of St. James
Luang Prabang Cultural tour
Lyon, France Cultural tour
Madeira Hiking vacations
Malta, Valletta, Mdina, Rabat, Victoria Vacation
Mayotte / Comoros Cruise
Mattertal, Zermatt Mountain hiking
Melbourne, Australia Sightseeing
Merseburg Way of St. James
Miltenberg River trip
Naumburg Way of St. James
Neuburg at the Danube Danube cycling
Paris - Le Havre, France River Crouse
Paris - Rive Gauge, France River Crouse
Paris - Seine, France River Crouse
Passau Danube cycling
Patagonia Rundreise
Philippinen Hollidays
Promontognio Travel and singing
Ravensburg Way of St. James
Regensburg Danube cycling
Riga Cultural tour
Rouen, Normandy, France River Cruise
Russia / Siberia River cruise
Schloss Hof, Marchfeld Cultural tour
Saigon, Ho Chi Min City Cultural tour
Seychelles / Madagascar / Kenya Cruise / Safari
Sigmaringen Danube cycling
Sicily Cultural tour
Speyer Way of St. James
Straubing Danube cycling
Sydney, Australia Sightseeing
Tallinn Cultural tour
Tratzberg Castle, Tyrol Cultural tour
Trier Way of St. James
Tulln Danube cycling
Turkey, Anatolia Parish trip
Ulm Danube cycling
Venice Cultural tour
Verona Cultural tour
Vientiane Cultural tour
Vienna, St. Stephens Cathedral, Schönbrunn Cultural tour
Vilnius Cultural tour
Wartburg Way of St. James
Way of St. James Switzerland Way of St. James
Wittenberg Cultural tour
Würzburg Way of St. James
Würzburg - Trier (Main, Rhein, Mosel) River cruise
Yverdone-les-Bains city trip