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In the 10th century, the Khmer Empire developed into a regional power centre of Southeast Asia: the wealth of the Khmer enabled them to build large cities and massive temple complexes.

Each king had the temple complexes at Angkor restored and new ones built.

The main temple, Angkor Wat, built by King Suryavarman I, was dedicated to Vishnu. The original name was probably Vishnuloka, while the name Angkor Wat only came into being centuries later, when the temple complex was converted into a Buddhist sanctuary.

around Ankor Wat there is a 200m wide moat Buddhist monks Main entrance We used the right side entrance Temple front Dancer, actually an Aspara, a celestial nymph in front of the dream scenery Ankor Wat around the main temple there are reliefs Detail from a relief Window bars from the 10th century. Inner courtyard, view of one of the corner towers One of the inner temples houses a reclining budda top floor Temple court View from the top floor busty dancers (asparas) even more of the celestial nymphs Temple with steep stairs interesting vault architecture lightbox for MACby VisualLightBox.com v5.9