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On our cruise we visited the Comoros island of Mayotte. We had a pilot on board for the ship's entry into the interior of the reef. The ship dropped anchor in front of the capital Mamoutzou. Directly from the Royal Star, we took a glass-bottom boat to the reef to experience the fantastic underwater world from the boat and also while snorkelling.

The island itself is known for its baobab trees. In the capital Mamoutzou, we didn't find anything remarkable except that the locals paint their faces. Since taking photos of people in Muslim countries is problematic, I 'borrowed' photos from the internet.

Gerhard at the excursion boat

We took a glass-bottom boat to a coral reef.


The reef lies in front of this inconspicuous island.


After a first visit with the glass-bottom boat, armed with fins, diving goggles and snorkel, we could admire the wonderful coral world including fish.

Boabab tree

This is one of the boabab trees for which the island of Mayotte is famous.

Boabab tree

These trees grow huge and very old.

Baobab tree

Here is one on the island we dived off.

Another Boabab tree from a bought postcard.

The local women decorate themselves and their faces with elaborate paintings.