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May 2024

For the page describing the river trip Nijmegen - Bruges, which was widely read in April / May 2024, there is now an alternative image changer for mobile phones to the image changer in the header. I have also applied the principle of ‘responsive image changers’ to almost all pages with header image changers (sliders).

January 2024

Report with many photos about our trip to Malta.

Although our trip to Genoa and also to Verona was a long time ago: Here is the report:

August 2023

Ittingen Charterhouse was added to the monastery pages

From our river cruise on the Rhine from Basel to Rotterdam and back there are the following new pages on the homepage:
Rotterdam, Düsseldorf and the Cologne page has been extended.

July 2023

The trip: Seychelles - Madagascar - Kenya has been revised and translated.

March 2023

The pages of the trip to the Baltic states was revised and translated.

February 2023

The reports on the riverboat trips in  Russia and Siberia were revised and translated.

August 2022

River cruise Paris - Le Havre

New pages, describing the delightful French villages like Honfleur, a very touristic city
Le Havre, Port city at the mouth of the Seine,
Étretat with its chalk cliffs,
Rouen capital of the Normandy,
Giverny with Claude Monet's house with the famous water lily pond

and the abbayes Jumièges and Wandrille in the Normandy.

As well as a report of a river crouse on the Seine in Paris and a city walk in the district Rive Gauge of Paris.

March 2022

New page, describing the Swiss village Brienz at lake Brienz.

November 2021

A few pages from the Austrian way of St. James were enriched.

The report of the Jordan trip was revised.

August 2021

Extension of the Nepomuk collection with Belgium

Report from our river cruise in the Netherlands and Belgium Nijmegen - Bruges,

Pages of the belgian towns Bruges, Dinant, Huy, Mons, Namur and Tournai were added.

Also the cities Lille in France and Maastricht in the Netherlands.

July 2021

New page: Yverdon-les-Bains

The pages of the Swiss Way of St. James are now availble in French

Juli 2021

The pages of the tripreport to the Baltic states were revised.

Mai 2021

English version of the Lucerne Way

April 2021

English version of the Indochina pages

English version of the Way of St. James from Görlitz to Leipzig (via regia)

March 2021

English version of the Spanish Way of St. James, the Camino Francés (54 pages)

February 2021

English version of the Way of St. James Leipzig - Constance available. The Main Page Ways of St. James is in English.

The Way of St. James Cologne - Trier is translated to English

January 2021

The way of St. James from Speyer in Germany to Belfort in Burgundy is available in German, English and French.

The Places / History Quiz "where is Gertud buried" is available in English.

Dezember 2020

The pages Appenzellerweg (Way of St. James Appenzell) have been revised and are now also available in English.

The Way of St James pages Geneva - Le Puy have been revised and are now also available in English and French.

November 2020

The Way of St James pages Le Puy until Moissac have been revised and are now available in German, English and French.

Oktober 2020

In September 2020 we walked the Kinzigtäler Way of St. James There is a description about it.

New Nepomuks in Bayern and Baden - Württemberg.

September 2020

The Swiss pages of the was of St. James Constance - Geneva were revised and translated into English.

August 2020

The pages of the Austrian Way of St. James from Vienna to Innsbruck are available in German and English.

The Mariahilf picture pages have been revised (larger pictures).

All Monastery pages in Austria, in Spanien, in Switzerland and partly in France are available in Englisch.

Juli 2020

Revision of Danube cycling pages Donaueschingen until Vienna and Carnuntum in German and English

Revision of Way of St James pages Ulm - Constance in English

Juni 2020

51 pages to the Way os St James Austria Vienna - Innsbruck were revised (enlarged to 990px)

The Danube cycling pages Melk bis Carnuntum were revised in English

Mai 2020

First part of the Australia trip beginning in Sydney. The last picture is the one from the hospital in Geelong, where the journey ended rather unplanned,

The page Kloster Cluny is available in English and French.

Alle Vienna pages are updeted to a wit^dth of 990px. Schloss Hof (Hof palace) has now a sliding veader.

Januar 2020

The page Fahr Monastery was supplemented with new pictures.

November 2019

All Vienna pages inclusive Carnuntum, Schloss Hof, Heiligenkreuz and Klosterneuburg are ow availabel in English.

Oktober 2019

English Version of the Sisi pages

September 2019

St James' Way stages from Prüm to Trier: see Köln - Trier

August 2019

New Nepomuks in Vienna Hernals and in the Burgenland

Mariahilfkapelle Gurtnellen

Juli 2019

Highlights from Camino Norte and Camino Primitivo with some romanesque churches

März 2019

The Romanesque in Alsace pages are now also available in French and English.

Januar 2019

The Indochina journey was revised: bigger and additional pictures, open street map instead of google maps.