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River Cruise: Paris - Le Havre
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With its narrow houses, charming alleys, picturesque half-timbered houses and the remains of the 17th century fortifications (Lieutenance), this fishing town at the mouth of the Seine is one of the most charming places in Normandy.

Honfleur was first mentioned in the 11th century and was an important trading town in the Duchy of Normandy. The name Honfleur is of Scandinavian origin and comes from "Honna Flow". Honna" is probably a proper name, while "Flow" can be translated as "little bay". The Vikings recognised its value when they invaded Normandy in the 9th century.

Places of interest

  • Sainte-Catherine
  • freestanding bell tower
  • Therese de Lisieux

Pictures from the tour of the town

  • Former salt storage hall
  • Former salt storage hall