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The Hermes Villa in Vienna, which Franz Josef gave as a gift to his Sisi, the palace of the heir to the throne in Artstetten, Sisi on Corfu, Sisi's favorite poet, ...
History / Places Quiz
Search the grave of the Saxon princess and please place a digital rose on her tombstone. In the process, you learn amazing things about the founding of Austria.

Wife of the Austrian national saint Leopold III and her son the Babenberg Duke
Percy The mytho­logical adventures of Danaë and in addition some art­history. Here you will find the original saga of the Greek hero Perseus. (Hollywood's "Percy")

and the not so serious
of the Nepomuk from Ober St. Veit
In the footsteps of
 and where we find traces of him.
  my Viennese home.
das "Mariahilfbild": Info about the picture, the painter
a small collection of Mariahilfbilder copies and
Many thanks to all who send me hints about Mariahilf pictures!
  and the places of her worship
 of the apostle James or the legend of the hanged man unhanged.
 The Spanish national hero
  and some of their monasteries we visited.
  and the sacred error.