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The group of singers we travel and sing with was originally founded by Susi Huber and has no official name, so let's call them 'Susians'.

The choir consists of about 200 singers from different regions of Switzerland. They never all perform together. Susi Huber writes out individual projects for which people can sign up, and the number of participants is limited to between 20 and 60 people, depending on the event.

Since 2015, the vocal coach and singer Vera Ehrensperger partially continues the tradition.

Singing with all your body and soul so that the moment becomes eternity

The singing experiences were mostly connected with beautiful trips

  • Salzburg Week

    in April / May
    The last Salzburg Week in this form - with the performance of an orchestral mass in the pilgrimage church of Maria Plain - took place in April 2006.

  • Promontogno

    The last singing weeks in Bergell under the direction of Susi Huber took place in July and August 2006.
    From August 2015 there was a continuation of the popular singing week under the direction of Vera Ehrensperger. In 2016 and 2017 there were two summer singing weeks each.

Hotel Bregaglia
  • Astano

    Summer Singing Weeks 2018 with Vera Ehrensperger in Astano, Ticino.

Hotel della Posta
Choir at Lake Schwendi