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The old town of Neuburg is wonderfully preserved and has survived all the wars and catastrophes of past times. A visit to Neuburg is a stroll into the age of the Renaissance.

Logo of Neuburg an der Donau

Schloss Neuburg

Schloss Neuburg with bridge and Nepomuk Statue

The cycle path leads over the Danube bridge with the Nepomuk statue into the city. The magnificent castle presents itself picturesquely on a hill above the Danube.

Through the upper gate you enter the old town

Altstadttor (oberes Tor)  in Neuburg Wappen von Neuburg

The gate dates back to 1530, and in the middle is the city coat of arms. It shows Prince Ottheinrich and Prince Phillip on hobbyhorses

Sankt Peterskirche in Neuburg

St. Peter's Church (early baroque)

Altstadtcafe in Neuburg

Cafe Altstadt - where I spent the night.


At the end of Amalienstrasse is the castle (on the left is the Hofkirche)

Schloss Neuburg, Renaissancehof

In the Renaissance inner courtyard they are already rehearsing eagerly for the annual knights' festival.


The next morning we take another look back at the city castle before we follow a long straight road to the hunting lodge Grünau.

Hunting lodge Grünau bike symbol bike symbol

Danube cycle path