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Welcome to Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia! A beautiful city, largely surrounded by a city wall worth seeing. We were not the only visitors, real streams of tourists poured over the city. Finns especially like to visit by ferry from Finland.

gothic town hall in Tallinn

The Gothic town hall from the 13th century.

town hall square Tallinn

The town hall square has always been a market and meeting place.

In 1248, the Danish King Erik IV granted the Lübeck city rights to Tallinn. On this basis, the merchants elected a city council, which met in the city hall. From 1402-1404 the building received its present appearance. Valuable works of art in the Civic Hall and the Town Hall Hall reflect the wealth of the Hanseatic era.

The town hall with the octagonal tower from another perspective

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral; with its onion domes on Cathedral Hill, it is Estonia's main Russian Orthodox cathedral. It was built in 1900, when Estonia was part of Tsarist Russia, and was intended to be a symbol of the empire's religious and political dominance in the increasingly fractious Baltic region. The cathedral was deliberately built opposite the palace on Cathedral Hill, on the site previously occupied by a statue of Martin Luther. Today, after these contrasts have long been forgotten, it is an architectural masterpiece in the historicist style.

The city wall

old engraving of Tallinn

On the engraving from the middle of the 17th century you can see the Upper Town and the city wall. (Reval is the German name for Tallinn).

View from the upper town