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Miltenberg is also fondly called "The Pearl on the Main" and is famous for its beautiful market square, known as Schnatterloch. White half-timbered houses with steep rust-red roofs surround a stately octagonal fountain made of red sandstone. Miltenburg Castle, a Renaissance castle based on a medieval fortress, towers high above. The Hotel zum Riesen (built in 1411, renovated in 1590), located on the main street, is still in operation today. Friedrich Barbarossa, Empress Maria Theresa, Martin Luther and Elvis Presley, among others, stayed here.

City gates and the city wall are partially preserved, as is the medieval bridge gate on the Spessart Bridge over the Main River. This is where the bridge toll was collected.

In the past centuries, the old town has been repeatedly flooded by the Main River.

There are Nepomuk statues at the entrance to the village, on the bank of the Main near St. James' Church and in the church.

  • Miltenberg
  • Bridge Gate
  • Johannes Nepomuk
  • Main street
  • Hotel Riesen
  • Hotel Riesen
  • Main street
  • Main street
  • Main street with town hallwith Miltenberg castle
  • St James' Churchon the market place
  • Market placeSchnatterloch
  • Market placewith fountain
  • Nepomuk at St James' Church
  • Nepomuk and James in the church
  • Main street
  • Nepomuk statue on the banks of the River Main
  • View of the city from Miltenburg Castle
  • View from above
  • St James' Church, market square from above
  • The Renaissance Miltenburg Castle