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Early in the morning with bright sunshine we reached Linz. Once again the bicycle proved itself for a city tour. The capital of Upper Austria presents itself beautifully. From the small Roman settlement of Lentia, an industrial town developed over the centuries, which until a few years ago suffered from severe air pollution. Today, this is no longer the case and during our city tour we could discover some idyllic places in the old town. The Romans built here in the 1st century AD a castle with the name Lentia. From 1489 to 1493, the city was the residence of Emperor Friedrich III, who took up quarters in Linz Castle and ruled the Roman-German Empire from here.

Fahrräder am Linzer Hauptplatz

Here we are at the main square, in the background the baroque Trinity Column, a landmark of Linz. On the left you can see the parish church. It was originally built in the 1st half of the 13th century as a three-nave Romanesque basilica in the course of the Babenberg expansion of the city. In 1648 it was rebuilt in baroque style.

More Information about Linz. Visit the WEB Cam (Linz Cam).

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main square
Main square with Trinity column
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Danube bank and castle
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Pharmacy House
Pharmacy House
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Kremsmünster House
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Martin Church
Martin Church
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Martinskirche Innen
Martinskirche interior view

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