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The Benedictine Convent of Fahr on the Limmat

has belonged to Einsiedeln Abbey since its foundation around 1130. It is an exclave of the canton of Aargau. The monastery is home to 25 women who live their lives according to the rules of St. Benedict. The sisters are also engaged in agriculture and viticulture, as well as in the production of religious vestments and paraments. A farmers' school was closed at the end of July 2013.

Kloster Fahr
EEntrance to the herb garden

Entrance to the herb garden

herb garden

The herb garden

Saint Anna Chapel

Anna chapel

Herb garden and Anna chapel


On the south-east side of the courtyard stands the chapel of St. Anne, which was built in the late 11th century.

Anna Kapelle Chor

The choir in late Romanesque style gives us the only impression of the Fahr monastery before the Baroque. The choral paintings were created in the 13th century and show us "a cycle from 'expectation to fulfilment', which runs from the north (the return of Christ), through the west (opening of the book with the 7 seals) and south cap (state after the Last Judgement) and culminates in the east with the Majestas Domini.

romanischer Stein

Romanesque stone in the choir

Monastery building

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hallway by the gate
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Monastery church

high altar

High altar in the church

Organ loft

The organ loft

cementary, Kloster Fahr

Cemetery in front of the church


former dairy farm

The former dairy farm on a hill above the monastery.

Restaurant to the two ravens

The restaurant "Zu den zwei Raben" (to the two ravens)

Limmatfähre beim Kloster Fahr

The ferry to Fahr Monastery. The name Fahr is also derived from it.