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The town of Dinant lies on the Meuse. The town is known for its Notre-Dame church with its ornate westwork and the fortress above it. Dinant is the birthplace of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone. That is why you can find saxophones everywhere in the town.


The Gothic church is conspicuous for its peculiar onion-shaped bell tower. When it was to be renovated in 1924, a fierce polemic arose between opponents and supporters of this tower, which had originally been built in 1566. Against the voices of the purists, who thought that the tower did not fit in with a Gothic building, the supporters of its retention finally prevailed, according to whom "Dinant without an onion dome is no longer Dinant".

Views of Dinant

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The Notre Dame Church

From the outside, the entrance portals of the church can be admired. Inside, the building, constructed in local limestone, gives a majestic impression. The visitor is supposed to be put in a contemplative mood by a continuous background music.

The large stained glass window, one of the largest in Europe, depicts the story of salvation. Other stained glass windows, at the back of the choir, tell the story of the city and the collegiate church.

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