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Seychelles, Madagascar, Kenya
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For one day, our ship stayed off Zanzibar. We were taken to the harbour by dinghy. We decided to do a tour on our own.


The city of Zanzibar from above with the dominant House of Wonders.

Zanzibar town hall

The Town Hall

Zanzibar entrance to the market

Entrance to the market

anglican church in Zanzibar

Anglican Church

Monument at the former slave market

Monument at the former slave market

Door in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is famous for its ornate doors.

Door in Zanzibar

In the old town you can admire many an ornate gate.

Fort Zanzibar

Ottoman-Portuguese Fort

House of Wonders

The House of Wonders

When it was built in the 19th century, it was full of wonders. There was a lift and there was water on all floors. Today, unfortunately, none of the taps work.

Even if the lift still worked, would they dare to use it?

view from the House of Wonders

View from the terrace of the House of Wonders.

Zanzibar coastline

View to the coast.

Sultan's palace Zanzibar

The Sultan's Palace is now a museum. There, to our great surprise, we found a picture of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and one of Sisi, I wonder how they got there?

Old pharmacy, Zanzibar

Old pharmacy

Spice farm in Zanzibar

Spice farm

By late afternoon we were all back at the ship. The journey continued in calm waters towards Mombasa.


Zanzibar in the evening glow, photographed from the ship with the largest tele lens.