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La Digue is the smallest of the three inhabited main islands of the Seychelles. Around 2200 inhabitants, who call themselves Diguois, live on 9.81 square kilometres. The beach section Anse Source d'Argent with its granite formations is considered a dream beach and is a popular tourist destination. The island is almost completely surrounded by a coral reef.

In the west of the island is the harbour and main town of La Passe, which is also the only larger settlement with infrastructure on the island. The south and east of the island is largely uninhabited.

Bicycle rental on La Digue

The means of transport on La Digue is the bicycle. You can rent one right at the pier. For those who don't cycle, there are two alternatives:

  • walk
  • ride the ox cart
By bike to Barcardi Beach

On the way by bike to Barcardi Beach. From here ( Pte. Source C'Argent ) continue on foot.

Granite rocks on La Digue

This is the way to the dream beaches

Granite rocks on the beach

The granite rocks of the island have a special charm.

Granite rocks and the sea

View to the sea

Gerhard and Vreni on the beach of La Digue

Vreni and Gerhard: "on the beach"

Gerhard on the bike on La Digue

Gerhard on the road exploring La Digue. The island can be discovered in an hour. Unfortunately, you can't drive all the way around because of rock formations.

Granite rocks and palm trees

fascinating combination of rocks and palm trees

Granite rocks, beach and sea

The beaches are bordered by granite rocks. This gives an intimate atmosphere.

Gerhard at the Barcardi Beach

This palm tree was very popular as a photo subject. Everyone wanted to sit on it.

Barcardi Beach

Barcardi Beach, actually on the map it says: Anse Pierrot

The first bathers are already here. Now you just have to imagine the sound of the sea.

LaDigue, Rock in the Sea
LaDigue, Rock in the Sea
Granite rocks of La Digue and Indian Ocean
Granite rocks of La Digue and Indian Ocean
Gerhard on the beach
Gerhard on the beach