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Seychelles, Madagascar, Kenya
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With 154.4 km², the island of Mahé is the largest of the 115 individual islands of the Seychelles and is home to Victoria, the world's smallest capital. The island, which is 28 km long and only 7 km wide at its widest point, is home to 72,000 inhabitants, around 90% of the population of the Seychelles, which corresponds to a population density of only 465 inhabitants per km². Mahé is also home to the highest mountain in the Seychelles - the Morne Seychellois, at a height of 905 metres above sea level, invites visitors to climb it. Around 90 percent of Mahé's inhabitants belong to the Catholic faith. The language spoken here, Creole, is rather to be seen as a collective term for various language influences, whereby French is strongly audible. Those who want to spend their holidays on Mahé, however, can also manage well with a knowledge of English.


We discovered many an idyllic spot on our island tour

Turtle Island

The small island has the shape of a turtle

Vreni and Gerhard iin the Cap Lazare Restaurant auf Mahe

Lunch stop at the Cap Lazare Restaurant

Cap Lazare

Cap Lazare, a beautiful bathing beach

Terrace of the Berjaya Mahé Beach Hotel

Berjaya Mahé Beach Hotel

Bay of Viktoria

View of Victoria Bay from a small island.

Viktoria Clock

On the island of Mahe in Victoria, this clock is a reminder of the English colonial era.

fish market in Victoria, Mahe

The fish market in Victoria, the capital on the island of Mahe.