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Empress Elisabeth
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Sisi - Painting on the Spice Island Zanzibar

To my great surprise there is a painting by Sisi and Franz Josef in the Palast Museum on the spice island Zanzibar! During our visit in 2004 I took the pictures with the film camera in bad light.

Zanzibar never belonged to the K&K monarchy, but in colonial times first to the Portuguese and then to the English.

The pictures in Zanzibar and especially the frames are damaged and look rather strange in the otherwise oriental surroundings.

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Zanzibar Museum entrance

Sisi in Zanzibar


Sisi painting in Zanzibar

Bild von Franz Josef in Zanzibar

Franz Joseph painting in Zanzibar

The picture is probably a copy of Georg Raab's "Elisabeth in Ruby Jewellery". The artist painted the 30-year-old in the Hungarian Coronationornat and for the last time in 1879 at the time of the silver wedding anniversary in ruby jewellery. The direction of the fan is strikingly different. The original can be found in Vienna in the Hofburg in the Sisi Museum.


The ruby jewellery comes from the estate of Marie Antoinette and was reworked for her in 1854. It consisted of a diadem, belt, necklace, corsage and earrings. The originals are lost. Replicas can be admired in the Sisi Museum in Vienna.