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The very last stage in Switzerland I went on pilgrimage with my parish (with Peter and Kurt).

Pilgerweg in Genf

Continuation of my pilgrimage in Geneva. I had already reached this point on the photo.

Reformation Monument

The road down to the right leads to the park with the Reformers and we take a look at the famous figures.


The Reformers: Farel, Calvin, Beza, Knox

Eglise St-François

The route takes you along Rue Prévost-Martin past the Eglise St-François.

Eglise St-François, interior view

We pay a short visit to the Eglise St-François.

Pont de Carouge

Shortly afterwards we cross the Arve on the Pont de Carouge.


Now we are in the Carouge district.


At the end of a long square with plane trees is the Sainte-Croix Catholic Church.

Sainte-Croix, Interior Jakobus

Inside the church are huge statues of apostles.

Photo of James the Elder  

Sainte-Croix, Organ

The organ and much white stucco decoration

tram line 12

We follow the rails of tram line 12.

We leave the tram line at Place du Rondeau and walk up the Route de Drize ...

Way Cross

... and pass a wayside cross.

Saconnex d’Arve

We reach the village of Saconnex d'Arve.

Meadow path

On narrow paths we climb gently uphill.


On the right we see the tower of a former castle and behind it the panorama of Geneva.

way cross

Stone cross in the village of Saconnex d'Arve-Dessus

castle and church Compesières

Shortly after Saconnex, the Compesières Castle and church appear. In the 14th century the Knights of St. John established a commandery here.

church Compesières

The church ...

castle Compesières

... and the castle up close.

Church interior with wooden ceiling

The interior of the church is simple. I liked the wooden ceiling.


From Compesières a tarred road leads to Charrot.

Box with pilgrim's utensils

Information and pilgrim stamp in Charrot

Pilgrim's Stamp Bardonnex

The last pilgrim stamp in Switzerland
Charrot is a district of Bardonnex

Grand Salève

To the left we see the 1300 m high French ridge of the Grand Salève.

just before the border

Just before the border

Border bar

The Swiss Way of St James ends here at the Arande border brook.

Sign at the border

A small sign says "Goodbye" to the pilgrims.

To Santiago it is still 1865 km (1159 miles)

From Constance to the French border we crossed Switzerland. Here we (Kurt, Gerhard and Peter) are in France.

After the border we crossed a very busy road and walked about 10 m to these signs.


You can enlarge the signs - on the big screen - by clicking on them!

There are only 1854 km to Santiago ... a border miracle - 11 km have disappeared!

(Note 2016: I was informed in June 2016 that the French km figure is no longer available.)

Way of St. James from the border

The Way of St James continues as GR 65 to Neydens (first village after the border).


continue on the French Way of St James via Neydens to Col du Mont-Sion