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In the alluvial forest

Soon after Serrières we march through huge, newly planted poplar forests ...

Pont de La Loi

... to the bridge "Pont de La Loi" and further to the railway bridge.

Forest path

Since the road is level, we are making rapid progress.

puddle frog

In this puddle lived some small frogs. They were difficult to photograph.

small lake

At the height of Vions is a small lake. A plaque points out the history of Vions. It is closely linked to the monastery of St Augustine, which was built on a limestone rock (the Mollard) in the 12th century.

We reach Chanaz, a romantic, but also very touristy place, which was founded by the Romans. The navigable canal connects the Lac du Bourget with the Rhône.

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Just after the village of Chanaz, an ascent begins (about 180m). Halfway up is the chapel where the Madonna de Orgeval is venerated.

Orgeval Kapelle Madonna Orgeval

After the ascent, the route goes downhill again, through several hamlets, Le Poisat, Vétrier, Montagnin, ...

Jongieux Viticulture

Wine is cultivated here. We will definitely taste it tonight!

Chateau de la Mar à Jongieux

The Chateux de la Mar in Jongieux.

church of Jongieux

The church of Jongieux. Now, the road climbs again to the Saint Romain chapel. From there, the path is very steep and slippery back to the Rhône plain. You can avoid the dangerous path on the road!

Yenne, first view

Back on the Rhône we soon take a first look at our stage destination Yenne.

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger

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Way of St. James: Geneva - Le Puy