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In Seyssel we reached the Rhone and the weather got better. On the bridge over the river, the Pont de la Vierge noire, there is a huge statue of the Virgin Mary "Notre-Dame-du-Rhône".

The 17th century church was restored and redesigned in the 19th century. Inside we noticed two statues, which are very common here in France. It seems that the statues were made by the dozen.

Thérèse from Lisieux Pfarrer von Ars

Thérèse from Lisieux
The nun of the barefoot Carmelites in Lisieux was canonised in 1925.

John-Mary Vianney, Curé of Ars
We had to get used to his ascetic figure and pious look.

at the Rhone

Along the Rhone it goes flat and fast,
first on an asphalt hiking and cycling path.


A nature reserve has been created around the tributaries and floodplains of the Rhone.

at the Rhone

Path along the Rhone

nasser Weg entlang der Rhone

Then it goes uphill and the wet path becomes a bit slippery.


Again and again we see orchids.


At the top we walk along this beautiful flower meadow.


A pilgrim station in Mathy.

Here the pilgrimage route divides. We take the branch via La Chétraz and Serrières-en-Chautagne.


We reach our stage destination, the village of Les Serrières.


Fountain in Serrières

Auberge Chautagnarde

Our hostel, the Auberge Chautagnarde Here we were well accommodated, had excellent food and in the evening there was even an entertainment programme.

Fotos: Gerhard Eichinger

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Way of St. James: Geneva - Le Puy