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way in the fog

On this cloudy day we walk from the Col du Mont Sion along a gravel path to a hill ...

wooden cross

... to the wooden cross "Croix de Vin" at 850m altitude. From there the path leads to the village of Charly.

Chapel St. James in Charly

In the village there is an interesting chapel of St. James with an onion tower.

Jakobus St. James over the entrance

Above the entrance there is a statue of Saint James.

chapel, interior view

A view into the simple interior of the chapel.

La Motte

Soon after the visit to the chapel, the rain gear came into play. In the light rain we reached the place "La Motte".

Marking in the forest

The path is always well marked and leads through idyllic forests.

cows with horns

We were travelling quite alone. Occasionally cows with horns greeted us.

Lourdes cave

On a hill we discovered this Lourdes cave.

Fork in the path
Pont de Pissieu Pont de Pissieu 2
Pont de Pissieu 3

The small stone bridge "Pont de Pissieu" over a small stream invites you to take pictures. Afterwards, the path goes steeply uphill to the ruins of Chaumont Castle.


Tip: If you want to save yourself the climb to the castle ruins, simply continue along the road until the turn-off to Collonges.

You pass this small chapel and have a view of the ruins from below.

castle ruin Chaumont

The castle ruin Chaumont from below with super zoom

castle at hamlet Collonges

At the end of the hamlet of Collonges we pass a castle ...


... and march downhill to Frangy.

Hotel Moderne, Frangy

Our quarter, the Hotel Moderne, was not as modern as its name suggested. The rooms were cold and old-fashioned, there was no soap or shower gel. The breakfast was rather unloving.

Because of the holiday (May 1st) all restaurants were closed - a kebab stand in Frangy relieved us from the hunger feeling.

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger

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Way of St. James: Geneva - Le Puy