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After an extensive breakfast at Mme Blanc we get fruit and biscuits for the road.

The farewell is hard for us, but we have to march off again. First into the village and then uphill.

A view back to Valencogne.

French Alps

The view into the French Alps is always fascinating.

Pilgrim's Way

We pass several small hamlets.


This dog and his dog colleague (not in the picture) have decided to accompany us.

Le Pin

In front of us lies Le Pin. The two dogs are still there.

In a bus shelter we rest for a while until the dogs decide to leave us.

Église Saint Christophe

In Le Pin we visit the Église Saint Christophe.

typical landscape

The panorama picture shows the typical landscape.

Walls of the charterhouse de la Sylve Bénite

Soon after Le Pin we come to the former Charterhouse de la Sylve Bénite. It is privately owned.

Pilgrim's way in the wood

Through forests ...

Field path

.... and  through fields the way leads ...


... to Blaune, where we stop for lunch.

Way, Horse

A pedestrian subway under the motorway brings us to the other side of the valley. There an ascent of about 150 metres begins.

Gerhard at the pass

Hurray, the ascent is done!

Ebene von Bièvre

At the top we look out over the Bièvre plain. There is also an airfield.

At first, an asphalt road leads down gently, but in the following woods it becomes very steep, wet and slippery in a hollow path, so you have to pay attention to every step.

marching into Le Grand-Lemps

Marching into Le Grand-Lemps

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger

shell sign

Le Grand-Lemps   shell sign

Way of St. James: Geneva - Le Puy