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On the road with the Berg&Ski sports club. The last stage of the crossing of Switzerland from Constance to Geneva begins at Lausanne station. The first part to the lake is by bus (James may forgive us, but walking through the city is half the fun!)

group walking in the rain

Down at the lake St. Peter is not satisfied with us and sends a few raindrops.

With this splendid view, we march along the shores of Lake Geneva.

St. Sulpice

After about an hour's walk we reach St. Sulpice, a church from the 11th century with a striking Burgundian crossing tower.

Saint Sulpicius was archbishop of Bourges. A few hundred mouse clicks further on, we will come across him again in St. Sulpice on the Lot in France.

The path continues along the lake and soon we can discover Morges with its castle in the distance.

view onto Morges at lake Geneva Hauptstrasse von Morges

The main street of Morges

main street in Morges

The coffee house in Morges, where I sat comfortably with Stefan and Vanja while reconnaising by bike, is closed due to bad weather. It would also be much too cold.

castle in Morges

The place name Morges is derived from the Latin margo (border, edge).

In 1286, under Louis I of Savoy, construction of the massive castle began.

The market town, which was built to the north-east of the castle, had the town charter since its foundation. Morges was the temporary residence of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy from 1359 to 1536. With the conquest of Vaud by Bern in 1536, Morges became the main town and the castle the official residence of the bailiwick of the same name.

Mont Blanc

You should actually see the Mont Blanc from Morges - actually! (Photo from the Internet)


In Morges, we leave the Way of Saint James and take the local train to Yens, up to the vineyards. Here you can see us walking through Yens towards St. Livres.

Attention: The trains do not run regularly on Sundays and public holidays!


From St. Livres we can see the stage destination Aubonne.

Aubonne castle

During the tour of Aubonne, we climb up to the castle. Its origins date back to the 11th century. It was largely rebuilt in the 17th century. The baroque palace and the round tower with a domed roof date from 1680. Inside the palace there is an arcade court; the courtroom has a painted ceiling from 1670. The castle underwent extensive restoration in 1980-85.

view from Schloss Aubonne

The castle stands slightly elevated on the northern edge of the old town above the Aubonne valley. We enjoy the view of the town from the castle terrace.

Way of St. James, Switzerland
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