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Today we have chosen a short stage of 15km. It is wonderful to walk up in the vineyards and let the view over the Lake Geneva. Soon we will see the idyllic winegrowing village Féchy in front of us. A small diversion to visit the village is worthwhile.


Winegrowing village Fechy

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We stay in the vineyards and reach the village of Bougy-Villars a little above. There you will find wine and a famous chocolatier.

While nobody is to be seen in the village, it seems to be deserted, the shop is busy. Where do the people come from?

Chocolate shop in Bougy-Villars

A potential customer in front of the chocolate shop.

This is what it looked like here almost 100 years ago.

(Photo from the Bougy-Villars website)

Rolle Castle on Lake Geneva

We descend from the vineyards and meet the Way of St. James again at Rolle. At the castle we take a break.

The fortified complex was originally built in 1264 by the Counts of Savoy. After an eventful destiny, most of the buildings today originate from the conversions and new buildings in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Schloss Rolle

Here we are in front of the castle in Rolle. While reconnaissance I took a picture here - move the mouse over the picture!


PS: all over Switzerland there was bad weather with heavy rainfall. St. James was sympathetic to us and sent a few rays of sunshine to the western tip of the country.


After a little over an hour, we make a pilgrimage through Bursinel, which is also deserted. Here Winston Churchill spent his holidays in 1946.

In the early afternoon we reach our destination, the Auberge de Dully.

Auberge de Dully

Fortunately we have reserved a table for dinner, because the Auberge is famous for its grilled chickens - every seat is taken.

chickens on the grill

Way of St. James Switzerland
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