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Heinz, whom we already met in the previous stage, has decided to go with us.


Shortly after we have left Revel-Tourdan, this view opens up.

Landscape at Moulin Coquaz

We walk past the charming old mill "Moulin Coquaz", where a feast is being prepared. Unfortunately, the picture of the mill has disappeared, but instead a picture of the gentle landscape.

TGV Trasse

Then we come across the route of the TGV. To get to the subway, you have to make a big diversion - gently uphill.

Water tower

Now the path goes uphill to the water tower. There is also a covered resting place and you can choose between a south or north variant. We have chosen the shorter northern variant.

small street

After a longer stretch of forest we come to a side road, ...

in hilly terrain

... which leads us downhill ...

route uphill

...  and uphill.



Le Grand Chêne

In the forest "Bois de la Limone" we meet the striking square with the big oaks "Le Grand Chêne".

This is where the two path variants meet again.


A first view of the Rhone valley.

St. James statue in Assieu

We cross the village of Assieu. At the entrance of the village we are greeted by James.

between Assieu and Cuillery

Here we walk beautifully in the sunshine in the Rhone valley between Assieu and Le Cuillery.


We reach Cheyssieu ...


... and soon after Auberives ...


... and finally Clonas-sur-Varèze.

Our hostel, the Hôtel des Nations, is not located directly on the road as described, but almost 1km further along the busy RN7 and has seen better days. But we were in good hands and had a good meal. If you can hear the street noise at night, I can't say, I was sound asleep.

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger

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Way of St. James: Geneva - Le Puy