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Today we want to do without shopping for a picnic and because of the announced big rain we prefer to eat somewhere on the way. That was the idea - but it turned out differently!

Volcanic cone

The day began cloudy but dry. Leaving St-Jeures, the first volcanic cones of the Velay landscape can be seen.


The geese got very excited when we wanted to go through their territory.


After just under half an hour we see the small village of Araules.

Church of Araules

The Notre-Dame church of Araules

interior view Araules Therese Cure of Ars

We are pleased to see that our two saints (constant companions) are also here.

wet way

On the somewhat wet path: in the background: volcanic cones!

uphill in the light forest

For a long time it goes gently uphill.

Volcanic cone

One last, dry view of the landscape of extinct volcanoes.
Then it starts to rain, quite heavily, so there are no photos (My IPhone is not waterproof).

Around noon there was no possibility to find a place to eat. Instead of walking along the pilgrim paths, which are more and more becoming streams, we marched on the road.

And there in the rain a kind of bicycle race or round trip took place. In any case we came to a food station for the cyclists. We were allowed to stand in the small house a little bit in the dry and got hot tea.

When it was clear that we were looking for food, we were immediately given a big present. We received a baguette, sausage and cheese and were able to have our lunch break in the dry, even if standing.

Rain photo

Try a rain shot

despite heavy rain we see the goal

The destination: Saint Julien-Chapteuil.

When we arrived at the Hotel Barriol, it stopped raining.

Our wet clothes were immediately taken off and brought to dry. Even the completely soaked shoes were stuffed with newspaper and taken to the drying room.

My spare shoes are simple plastic bath slippers for weight reasons. With them I walked out to visit the village and the Romanesque church of Saint-Julien and experienced sunshine!

Saint Julien-Chapteuil

Photo St-Julien: Ellen Fellow

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