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Hiking trail to Suméne

We leave Saint Julien-Chapteuil and walk for a long time along the D15 road until we turn onto this dirt track.

bridge over the Sumène

An adventurous bridge takes us over the Sumène brook.


An impressive lava rock

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Way to Tournecol

The sun comes out.

Baking oven in Tournecol

At the resting place by the baking oven in Tournecol we sit comfortably on one of the otherwise rare benches and enjoy the view.

view to Saint-Germain-Laprade

View of Saint-Germain-Laprade - very small, in the middle of the picture - this is where we have to go.

We cross the village of Marnhac.

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We are approaching Saint Germain-Laprade.

romanesque church in Saint-Germain-Laprade

The Romanesque church has its own page

Mont Joie

The path from Saint Germain follows the road for a long time and then goes up Mont Joie. From here you can see Le Puy.

The shoes are not mine.

first view at Le Puy

First view of Le Puy. There we have to go.


After the descent we reach the Loire. In the foreground a part of the old roman bridge

Footbridge over the Borne

First we walk along the Loire and then along the little river Borne. Here it is just crossed.

Madonna of Le Puy

The Madonna of Le Puy stands on the volcanic hill.

In the foreground another bridge over the Borne.

Chapelle et Rocher Saint-Michel

Chapelle et Rocher Saint-Michel

Way to the cathedral of Le Puy

The way to the cathedral

James in the cathedral of Le Puy Madonna von Le Puy Thérèse in Le Puy

Important for the pilgrim: the statue of St. James.

In the cathedral the Madonna of Ley Puy is venerated.

But there I found "Thérese", our constant companion. At St. Thérèse candles are lit.

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Photos: Gerhard Eichinger

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Way of St. James: Geneva - Le Puy