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Hikes around Disentis from 13-15 July 2007

Report from Heike

Friday, 13 July

11 people from the UBS Sport Club Mountain and Ski gathered at 7.20 a.m. at the meeting point at Zurich main station - the "hard core of the club", you could say... Ursula arrived in the evening.
The journey took us from Chur to Disentis. On the way we saw the beautiful mountains, partly still covered with snow the Oberalpstock, but also the Brigelshörner.
From the train we discovered the lookout tower in Flims from which we had enjoyed a magnificent view during the ski weekend.

At Disentis train station we were picked up by bus from the Hotel Cucagna, which we appreciated very much.

We checked in and met in front of the hotel at 1 pm for the first hike.
Our destination today was Sedrun via the village of Mompé Medel (1304 m). First we had to orientate ourselves briefly for the ascent, then we went steeply up through the forest. We were sweating! The chapel "Santa Maria Immaculata", the "Miracle of Acletta" is beautiful: its murals and stuccoes. After Cavorgia, we crossed the Rhine. Here is the "St. Lucius" chapel, renovated in 1980. Already in the afternoon we got the first impression of the magnificent panorama of the mountains around Disentis and the fields with the colourful splendour of the meadow flowers that were to accompany us on our hikes for the three days: black devil's claw, globe devil's claw, stork's beak, sorrel, daisies, yarrow, kidney vetch, red clover, yellow violet, creeping thistle, snake's knotweed, the red rowan berries. Some snacked on the wild strawberries and blueberries. It is always beautiful to marvel at the magnificent orchid!

To the station in Sedrun, on the way home, we had to walk on the asphalt road: It was still hot. We treated ourselves to a cool drink at the station kiosk.

In front of our hotel "Cucagna" in Disentis we had an aperitif, a fine white wine, and toasted to the successful hike of the afternoon.

Everyone was happy to take a shower after the hot day before we went to our hotel for dinner. We could choose between wild boar chop and tilapia, before which a venison carpaccio was served and everyone enjoyed it.

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Group at the nightcap

Some still needed a nightcap and settled down in the nearby restaurant, which seemed very cool. A modern architect has let his imagination run wild: Everything is furnished in cold black and white marble.

Saturday, 14 July

Mountain world

After a good breakfast at the hotel, we met at 8.30 a.m. to set off in the direction of Lag Laus - our destination today. Some of us went to the nearby Coop to stock up on drinks and other picnic necessities. The weather was again on its best side: blue sky. First we crossed the village of Disentis and then came through the village of Cavardiras. Visible from afar is the church dedicated to St. Anthony.


Cavardiras is a well-known place of pilgrimage. Once a month, pilgrims meet here to pray. The fate of the village of Cavardiras, with fewer and fewer inhabitants, is typical of many Graubünden villages. Many have to move away for work reasons. Fortunately, holidaymakers buy up the old houses and renovate them with much love. In this way, important building culture is preserved and the village images remain.

Lag Laus

We continued through shady forests, up over hill and dale, because we had to hike 620 metres in altitude, through the two valleys Dargun da Pardomat and Dargun da Falens. And what soon lay before us like a jewel? The Lag Laus (at 1634 m)! Idyllically nestled in meadows and forests, it naturally invited us to linger. We enjoyed the picnic break! Here you can switch off and absorb the silence: We are doing well! We looked across to the glacier of the Oberalpstock and the mountains all around.

On the other side of the lake, preparations were being made for a party. When we left again, the smell of grilled sausages was in our nostrils. One group wanted to fortify themselves for their trout fishing competition.

view from Lag Laus

we enjoyed the magnificent view

view from Lag Laus
the village Laus small bus

It was hot and we had a steep descent to contend with. Poor knees! So we were all happy, thank you Gerhard for the organisation, when after a few hours - ascending and descending in hot temperatures - we were driven back to Disentis by our hotel bus in the village of Laus, because we still had a big afternoon and evening event ahead of us.

Visit to Disentis Monastery

Disentis Monastery

Freshly showered and - according to the hiking clothes - "styled dressed" - we met at 4.15 pm to set off in the direction of the Disentis monastery.

Renaissance altar

We were received in the monastery by Father Theo, who told us a lot about the Benedictine monastery of St. Martin and to whom everyone listened with interest: The Benedictine abbey, founded around 720 by St. Sigisbert (almost completely rebuilt at the end of the 17th century), dominates almost the entire valley with its stately convent building and the twin-towered church of St. Martin (Vorarlberg Baroque 1696-1712). The monastery itself houses a collection of art and cultural history, which we viewed with interest. The Benedictines are a contemplative order within the Roman Catholic Church, which is generally regarded as the basis of western religious life since the end of late antiquity or the early Middle Ages. What distinguishes the order is: 'ora et labora', pray and work. The Disentis monastery is very active in the field of youth and adult education. It has a grammar school attached to it. It cannot be clearly dated when the Frankish monk Sigisbert settled in the "Desertina". But every year on 11 July, the monastery's birthday is celebrated with a procession.

In the north wing of the convent building in St Mary's Church with three medieval apses, we took part in the monks' Vespers at 6 pm. It is the liturgical evening service of the Catholic Church, consisting of hymn, psalms, short biblical reading and intercessory prayer. We were all very impressed by the sacred ceremony and went out strengthened.


After so much mental food, we also needed physical refreshment after a hard day's hiking. Gerhard had made a reservation for us at the Restaurant Alpsu in Disentis with the world champion for Capuns. We were welcomed in a cosy restaurant by the boss of the house himself. His friendly wife took care of the drinks. We were offered a fine aperitif: white Malanser with toast rolls with finely sliced Bündnerfleisch - from the best meat drying plant far and wide - and mushrooms. Very delicious!


We could hardly believe our eyes: as a starter, we were served green salad with warm Eierschwämmli - mushrooms not only for decoration, but "full"!

Gerhard and Yvonne in the Alpsu

... and then wonderful capuns as the main course! We drank a red Malanser with it on the chef's recommendation. What a feast that was! To digest it, everyone was allowed to choose a "distributor". I chose a Bündner Röteli.

I think everyone fell asleep peacefully that night, dreaming of the great day's experiences.

Sonntag, 15. Juli


The hotel was very accommodating, which meant we didn't have to vacate our rooms until the afternoon. After the day's hike we could take a shower and freshen up for the journey home.

Well-strengthened by breakfast, we met again at 8.30 a.m. in front of the hotel for the hike towards Funs. The first part we had to walk on tarred paths until we turned into a narrow path where we went up. Today we were to conquer the highest point of our Disentis hike. Shade and sun alternated, along the path we saw the beautiful meadow flowers again. The alpine roses had already faded. It really was a very steep climb. But we were a good group and everyone could follow.
At the Caischavedra mountain station we stopped for a drink. It is the mountain station in the Disentis ski area in winter. But at the moment - after 36 years - the cable car is being renewed, so it is out of service.

Die Wandergruppe am Caischavedra

But we had not yet reached our destination. We saw the Bostg, at 1944 m the highest point of our hike. It was a pleasant tour via the Höhenweg, so the ascent was no trouble for us. Above all, we had a wonderful panoramic view over to the Oberalpstock and an all-round view of the whole Surselva and the Medels glacier. We had covered 750 metres in altitude today. After a picnic at altitude, we started the descent to Segnas, from where the hotel bus took us back to Cucagna.

We got rid of the day's sweat in the shower and put on light clothes and shoes (goodbye mountain boots for today) for the journey home. In front of the hotel, most of us celebrated the wonderful days in Disentis with a fine drink - everything was just right, especially the weather after the rain of the previous days. But when angels travel, heaven laughs!

Dear Gerhard, we all thank you for the extended weekend! It could not have been nicer. We were a fun group and your organisation was admirable! Thank you, thank you!