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Pictures from Aarau

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The Schmuzigers in the Aarau castle, the Schlössli

The Schlössli in Aarau dates back to the 13th century. After the 16th century, it served as the distinguished residence of various bourgeois families from Aarau, including the Schmuzigers and the Hunzikers. Franz Ludwig Schmuziger, a brother of Oswald Schmuziger, from whom Vreni descends in a direct line, owned the Schlössli from 1661 to 1689. It received its present appearance after extensions at the beginning of the 17th century. The upper structure of the palace was renewed and the tower was covered with a hipped roof.

Schlössli in Aarau

Today, the Schlössli houses the town museum.

gothic parlour

Gothic parlour of the Rothpletz family.

medieval cuisine

medieval cuisine

Biedermeier room

Biedermeier Room of the Zschokke Family