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Nomadic peoples live in the tundra with their reindeer. With an adventurous helicopter flight we visited a tribe of the Nenets*).

*) Nenets or Samoyeds: Polar people with Finno-Hungarian language in NW Siberia and NE Russia (30,000).

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Dudinka from the helicopter

View of the town of Dudinka from the helicopter

The tundra seen from a helicopter

A view from the helicopter over the vast landscape of the tundra


We experience another world; the Nenets, their reindeer and tents.

Tent of the Nenets

A tipi tent, There is enough room here for a large Nenets family


Reindeer team. The Nenets live mainly from and with their reindeer.


Reindeer & Helicopter

Nenets woman

Woman in reindeer skin

Nenets family

A Nenets family. Only the rubber boots do not fit into the archaic picture.

In the tent

Here we look into a tipi tent and see all the furnishings and stock of the household of the multi-member family.

On the outward flight with the Russian helicopter I was very annoyed about the scratched porthole, on the return flight I sat a little further back, there was no glass pane and I was able to take fantastic shots, even "outside shots" were possible by holding the camera out of the window.