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Dudinka is an artificial industrial city on the Yenisei River, high in the north of Siberia. It is located beyond the Arctic Circle on the Yenisey River. The city offers some surprises for unaccustomed Europeans. For example, all the city's pipelines are laid outside because of the permafrost. The apartment blocks are brightly colored - probably to contrast with the gray of the long, gloomy winter.

On board our ship, a dance group from Dudinka performed traditional Siberian dances. The next day we looked around the city.

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A Siberian folklore group performs traditional dances on board our ship.


Under strange, fascinating sounds, the dancer floats elegantly through the room


Fascinated, we watch the gentle rhythmic movements of the Siberian dancer

Dudinka House of Art

Here we stand in front of the House of Arts (Культура). Lenin stands here on his pedestal. (Photo from the year 2000)

udinka House of Art in Dudinka

In the meantime, the Kunsthaus has been repainted to be less kitschy. and Lenin still stands there, freshly renovated (photo: Wikipedia).

Harbour cranes in Dudinka

The port of Dudinka (Порт Дудинка). You can only dream of such beautiful harbour cranes in Zurich.

port of Dudinka

At least one crane has turned. The temperatures are pleasantly high in the summer - around 10 degrees.

Pipelines in Dudinka

Because of the permafrost, the city's pipelines are not buried in the ground. They contribute to the beautification of the cityscape. Pipeline bridges cross the streets. People live in the background. There are hardly any to be seen.

Prefabricated buildings in Dudinka

The streets of the city are not very exciting. Interesting is the neon painting of the houses.


In the vicinity of Dudinka we took a walk in the tundra. Because of the permafrost, nothing grows very high here.