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The stage leads from Euskirchen via Stotzheim, Kirsperich, Arloff, Iversheim to Bad Münstereifel.

The Way of St. James along the Erft


The Hardtburg is the well-preserved ruin of a moated castle from the High Middle Ages near the Euskirchen district of Stotzheim. Today it is partly used as a forester's lodge. It was built in the 12th century as a moated castle, has been owned by the Archbishopric of Cologne since 1246 and was the seat of the Electoral Cologne administration until 1794.


In the Hardtwald

cross in the wood

Rays of sunlight illuminate the cross in the forest.


Kirspenich is already a district of Bad Münstereifel.

river Erft in Arloff

The village of Arloff directly adjoins Kirsperich. Here we are in the Bachstrasse in Arloff. The stream is the Erft!

Castel Arloff

Arloff Castle is located on the Erft River in the Arloff district of the town of Bad Münstereifel. It is a former moated castle. It was originally surrounded by ditches fed by the Erft. The residential tower, which is well preserved in its original condition, dates back to 1269.

Hubertus chapel

The Hubertus Chapel in Arloff was built in 1466, as can be seen from the inscription on the door lintel of the chapel. In 1955, frescoes from the time of construction were discovered and uncovered during restoration work.


The chapel was opened especially for us.


Way of St. James between Arloff and Iversheim

Way to Iversheim

Way to Iversheim

Saint Laurence in Iversheim

Waldhotel Bad Münstereifel

The Waldhotel in Bad Münstereifel served as our pilgrim hostel.