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Now it's off into the Eifel "mountains". Immediately after Bad Münstereifel (280m), there is a steep climb. In the course of the stage we reach almost 600 metres above sea level.

The trail leads via Hornbach, Roderath, Frohngau first to Engelgau and after crossing it to the Ahe chapel. After crossing the Genfbach stream, there is an ascent that leads us to a dead-straight Roman road on the heights. The network of Roman roads was originally laid out and used as trade routes and army roads and led over heights wherever possible, because the valleys were often swampy and difficult to pass at the time. The paths on the heights were easier to create, maintain and use. It is obvious that pilgrims also used these paths later on.

Way to Roderath


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chapel St. Antonius

Roderath: Chapel of St. Anthony "The Hermit", built 1846

Half-timbered house in Roderath

Half-timbered houses with solar cells in Roderath.

After Roderath the trail goes downhill, then climbs again towards Frohngau




Path from Frohngau to the Himberg wind farm


Engelgau is reached

St. Lucia in Engelau

We march past the church of St. Lucia in Engelgau.

Ahe capel

Ahe chapel

The older part of the chapel dedicated to St. Servatius is the late Gothic choir from the 16th century; it is surrounded by buttresses on the outside. It is adjoined by a lower nave with a shifted ground plan.

Today, the pilgrimage chapel is the destination of an annual procession from the surrounding villages on the Sunday before St. Servatius' name day on 13 May, followed by the Servatius Festival.

Ahekapelle Interior view

Interior view Ahek chapel

St. Servatius is one of the three Ice Saints, venerated especially on 13 May.

ascent to the roman road

After crossing the Genfbach stream, the trail leads up to the Roman road.

Roman road

Roman road

At Blankenheim Castle the descent into the town begins and ...

... offers a beautiful view of Blankenheim.

James, Matthew

The church "St. Mary's Assumption" of Blankenheim

In the church, apostle James - here with Matthew - caught my eye

House Anno 1575

A somewhat quirky half-timbered house.

"Diesem Haus woll Gott Frieden geben, sampt allen die darin leben, Anno 1575" - May God give peace to this house and to all who live in it, Anno 1575.