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This old picturesque village lies at an altitude of 1090 metres on a terraced sunny slope above the valley. The high tower belongs to the village church of St. Lorenzo (1354, rebuilt in 1506 and 1750).


From the cemetery in front of the church, there is this fantastic view of the Bondesca valley. Click to enlarge!

Soglio Panorama

Soglio is the home of the important Graubünden noble family of Salis, which helped determine the fate of the region for centuries. High above the simple farmhouses rise the palazzi of the well-known Salis-Soglio dynasty, which is based here.

Palazzo Salis

The history of the Palazzo Salis begins in 1630 with its construction by Knight Baptista von Salis. His descendants extended the house, the Casa Battista, in 1701 to its present stately appearance and continually added to the furnishings.

When Napoleon separated the Veltlin and Chiavenna from the Grisons Free State in 1797, much property was lost and income from service in foreign armies dried up. The Salis took up new professions and finally left Soglio.

Palazzo Salis, interior

In 1876, the manor house, which is still family-owned today, became an inn along with its original furnishings.

Here is a view of the first floor.

Palazzo Salis, Entrance area

This is the entrance area. A cool white wine is just been brought to us.

picturesque alley in Soglio Solio Church

Picturesque alleyway in Soglio

Impressions of Soglio

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San Lorenzo
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View from the Soglio cemetery of Pizzo Cengalo, Pizzo Badile and the Sciora Group


and this is the view from the other side of the mountain back to Soglio

View of Soglio from the Furae hut

Soglio, in the centre of the picture, seen from the Furä Hut.