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Interior views of the St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

In the foreground on the left side the famous gothic pulpit.
The viewing angle can be shifted by clicking on the small pictures. Then you can see pictures taken from the west gallery. On the right side of the column you can see St. Stephen with three stones in his hand.

St. Stephan Innen

Die Kanzel in St. Stephan, Foto aus dem Jahr 1926

This is what the pulpit looked like in 1926. Note the pulpit lid

Taufstein in der Katharinenkapelle

Such a lid is today in the Chapel of St. Catherine above the baptismal font (without the outer wreath).

The Füchsel or singer gallery

Füchselempore, Foto aus dem Jahr 1926

Picture from 1926

Blick von der Füchsel-Empore

View from the Füchsel gallery towards the foot of a former organ

The Füchsel gallery was donated by Agnes Füchsel in 1448. The organ grandstand used to be the most famous of all the organs in the cathedral, a work from the transition period from late Gothic to Renaissance. Later, the singers and choirboys of St. Stephen stood here. Both Joseph Haydn and his younger brother Michael belonged to the Domsängerknaben (cathedral singing boys).


Today the Leopold altar below the Füchsel gallery is a carving of neo-Gothic style

By all the saints: Where is St. Nepomuk in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna? He has his own altar, left in front in the choir.


Finally a detail from the high altar

Cranium des hl. Stephanus

Cranium (skullcap) of St. Stephen at the foot of the high altar.