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The choir stalls

of St. Stephan was commissioned around 1476 and completed in 1486. Willhelm Rollinger is named as the artist.

On both sides of the entrance to the sanctuary it stretches over two full yokes. The carvings show a whole world view. We find Old Testament scenes as well as symbols of good and evil from the animal kingdom. Saints stand on the supports of the back wall. In the back of the seats there are arches with plant ornaments and above each one a biblical scene.

Chorgestühl 1926

Above the choir stall there was a gallery with an organ and room for the cathedral music. In the background you can still see how beautiful the windows once looked

Chorgestühl Südseite 1926

In the last year of the war, plunderers set fire to the surrounding shops. Due to an unfavourable wind, the fire spread to St. Stephen's Cathedral and led to the catastrophe. The Diocesan Museum exhibits two fragments of the burnt choir stalls. Here the slightly blackened Saint Sebald from the back and a female figure.

Foto von Chorgestühl Brandresten Foto von Chorgestühl Brandresten