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Peter- and Paulusaltar

In 1677, the Bricklayers' and Stonemasons' Guild donated the first pillar altar in the northeast corner of the nave, the Peter and Paul Altars, with an altarpiece by Tobias Pock. This is the same artist who created the large main altarpiece with the "Stoning of St. Stephen".

Peter und Paul Altar

The altar of Peter and Paul shows the two princes of the apostles.

The columns are flanked by Leopold and Emperor Heinrich, above them are the plague patrons Sebastian and Rochus, on top Peter with the key.

Hl. Leopold

Saint Leopold III.

Die Baumeister

In the upper picture the four crowned patron saints of the stonemasons are depicted with circles in front of a drawing table, above them Mary with Child.


This Maria child representation is based on the Mariahilfbild by Lucas Cranach..


Angel's head on one side of the predella. It is the only wooden altar of St. Stephen.

lateral view

Lateral view of the altar under the foot of the organ.

The first organ stood on the foot of Master Pilgram's organ from 1513. The master has immortalized himself under the foot.

On Patrozinium Day, 29 June, a holy mass is celebrated at this altar.