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Nevskij Prospekt

Nevsky Prospekt is a 4.5-kilometre-long street in the centre of Saint Petersburg. It was built between 1711 and 1721 as a connection from the Admiralty in the west to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in the east of the city. From the middle of the 18th century, it increasingly developed into a boulevard as the numerous resident aristocrats had their residences built here.

From the hotel we took the metro to Nevsky Prospekt. The endlessly long escalator alone is fascinating.

We left the metro at Nevskij Prospekt at Gostiny Dvor, a huge department stores' in classicist garb.

This Art Nouveau house (former Singer House) now houses a large bookshop and café.

View from Nevskij Prospekt to the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

Kazan Cathedral

The Russian Orthodox Kazan Cathedral


Bridge over the Fontanka with four horse tamers (one of them in the picture)

monument Catherine II

The monument to Catherine II in a small park

Art Nouveau façade on Nevsky Prospekt

Art Nouveau on Nevsky Prospect