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We saw countless animals while driving in the off-road vehicle in the Masai Mara National Park, here are a few photo trophies from the safari.


Giant Eland Antelope


A lone bull strides majestically across the vast landscape, exuding peace and tranquillity.


Lioness taking a nap - better not to disturb her.


I took this peacefully grazing rhino from a distance of three metres, and with the tripod to boot. That was probably a bit reckless, but luckily the rhino didn't mind me.


Hello Zebra, what's new?


We drove around the landscape in jeeps like this. Gerhard is filming, Vreni is taking pictures.

Finally, a beautiful lion shot and photographed by the author.

Lion at Zurich Zoo

The photo was swindled in here. Do you know this lion? He is more used to being photographed. His name is Radja and he is an Indian lion.