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As part of our Kenya trip with the parish, we attended a Kenyan parish festival at Holy Cross and were amazed at all that was going on.

Petra and Thomas

Our pastoral assistants Petra and Thomas as guests at the Holy Cross Parish Festival.

Dance performance

We sat on feudal armchairs in the front row and various dances were performed.


The dancer fascinated us. She has rhythm in her blood. Unfortunately, she had something else in her blood. One year after this recording, she died of AIDS. This shows quite drastically how important our parish project is, which supports AIDS education.

Vreni dances with the Africans

We also had to dance along. Vreni in the midst of the Kolping women already looks quite African.

Oganga Band

The Oganga Band plays

A small sample for you:

Oganga music sample

Oganga Band in action

The Oganga Band and the dancer. Note the packed audience.

Vreni, Anna, Gerhard

Vreni, Anna, Gerhard