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We cross the Hirschengraben in Lucerne (where the city wall and moat once stood) and already we are going uphill. The first signpost for the Way of St. James appears. The path climbs up stairs to the Gigeliwald forest. A first view of the town, Lake Lucerne and the mountains opens up.

Luzern und der Vierwaldstättersee Pilatus

Then it lies before us, the majestic Pilatus.

After a long hike through a residential area of single-family houses (what a word!), the descent to Kriens begins.


St. Gallus Kirche in Kriens

The parish church is situated on a hill in the centre of Kriens.

A church dedicated to St. Gallus stood here as early as 1100. Its present appearance, however, dates from 1939.

Innenansicht St. Gallus Kirche in Kriens

On the high altar is St. Gallus on the left and St. Othmar on the right. In the centre is Mary in a halo.


From Kriens on, it's uphill again. We make a big circle around Obernau.


At the highest point we see the Hergiswald bridge. There begins the "Prügelweg" (Billet way) up to the Hergiswald pilgrimage church.

along the Ränggbach

We turn sharply right and walk downhill through the forest along the Ränggbach stream.


When we cross the Ränggbach we realise that it is actually a big trickle.

Downhill via stairs

The path leads us down into the valley of the Kleine Emme.

Jost sign

In front of us (picture below) is the pilgrimage chapel of St. Jost in Blatten. As the sign says, it was closed. We couldn't get the key either, because it was being renovated. But I have visited it several times and there is a separate page about it (on the left in the menu, or click on the picture to open it).


St. Jost in Blatten Kleine Emme

After the chapel, the Way of St. James swings to the Kleine Emme and stays there until Werthenstein.


We hike past Malters.

Kleine Emme

The wide valley slowly narrows.

othe banks of the small Emme

Rest on the banks of the Kleine Emme

bank path

Way of St. James along the Kleine Emme


The stage destination "Werthenstein" appears.