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The short section of the Way of St. James from Huttwil to Dürrenroth can be completed effortlessly in 1 ¾ h.

map way of St. James from Huttwil to Burgdorf

sawmill Huttwil

We leave Huttwil at the village of Fiechte and pass this sawmill. The smell of fresh wood is wonderful.


After crossing the small Rotbach stream, an ascent begins (approx. 100 metres in altitude).

old farm

We pass an old farm.


From now on, the path goes through a beautiful forest.

path Chaltenegg: Jura view

Here at Chaltenegg (762m) a view of the Jura opens up.


On the other side you can still see Mount Pilatus.

Dürrrenroth Dürrenroth

The descent to Dürrenroth begins.

GH Kreuz

Gasthof Kreuz in the centre of the village

Marienkirche Dürrenroth

The Church of Our Lady in Dürrenroth

entrance GH Bären

Entrance to the Bären Inn

GH Bären

In the garden of the Bear we enjoyed the afternoon coffee.

dinig room Bären

This is how festive it looks in the dining room of the Bären.

After all, the Bären is an architectural monument of national importance and has been designated a historic restaurant under the patronage of UNESCO. It dates back to 1752 (Gasthof), 1806 (Gästehaus Kreuz) and was the place of work of the Emmental writer Jeremias Gotthelf.

Kreuz inn

A view from the Bären to the Kreuz Inn