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With eight members of the Berg&Skiclub we were on the last stage of the Lucerne Trail at the end of May 2014. A sunny but somewhat cool day awaits us. Our hike begins in Kehrsatz near Bern.

Gemeindehaus Kersatz

The town hall of Kehrsatz looks almost like a small castle. Here we are at about 580m altitude. From now on we are going uphill to the old people's home Kühlewil at 790m, where we have registered for coffee.

typical timber-framed houses

We will see such beautiful Bernese farmhouses, like here in Kehrsatz, all day long.


No, we are not suddenly in Greece. On the way up we pass these pillars. They form the entrance to a villa.

retirement and nursing home Kühlewil

The Kühlewil retirement and nursing home. When we arrive, the croissants are already ready.

Thanks a lot! The break did good.


In the small village of Kühlewil the goats proudly present their farm.

In the Chüliwil forest

In Chüliwil Forest.

hilly landscape

In a south-westerly direction in the gentle hilly landscape to Obermuhlern.


A barn

Group looks at the view

Looking at the view.

After a short break, the route goes downhill from Obermuhlern to Niedermuhlern.

The village of Niedermuhlern fascinates with its beautiful Bernese farmhouses. Here a slideshow:


After a midday rest on benches near the Niedermuhlern school, we walk gently uphill through the woodland marked "Ratteholz".


After the wooded area, we walk in the warming sun in the direction of Gschneit and the Leueberg lookout point.

excursion restaurant Sternen

At the "Gschneit" is a popular excursion restaurant, the Sternen. According to the menu you can eat here Swiss, Asian (specialities from Sri Lanka) or Italian.

Our only worry is crossing the road.

viewpoint Leueberg

The viewpoint Leueberg at 937m is reached. Despite clouds and wafts of mist: the view is gigantic!

Panorama Leueberg

View from Leueberg. Unfortunately it was too hazy, the mountains in the background could not be seen. No Photoshop postprocessing helps there.


A final climb through the forest to 967 m altitude. On the narrow path we are overtaken by mountain bikers and horses.


Then Rüeggisberg comes into sight.


Mättiwil is where the St. James' Way from Brünig and Lucerne meet.

church of Rüeggisberg


On the left is the post bus stop and on the right "der Bären (the bear)" our place for the stage beer.