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The chapels of Flüeli Ranft

The first chapel is the St. Nicholas Chapel. It is located a little higher up on the old Melchtaler path at the entrance to the Ranft gorge.

Turm der Niklaus Kapelle

The tower of the chapel
St. Nicholas originates
from the 14th century.

St. Nicholas

Niklaus-Kapelle Innenansicht mit Kasettendecke

Chapel St. Nicholas: ceiling panels with pictures of saints.

Saint James can be found among the apostles.

Fresko Christi Himmelfahrt

The choir is decorated with a medieval fresco cycle from 1370. As an example I show here the Ascension of Christ. The footprints of Christ remain behind, while he himself disappears in a cloud from the eyes of the surrounding apostles.

Karte vom Jakobsweg im Flüeli Ranft

After the big storm in 2005 the bridge over the Melchaa River was torn away and the path was interrupted. In May 2007 a new footbridge further downstream was opened. The path was also made new. As a result, the St. James' Way did not pass the Mösli Chapel until June 2016. The picture shows the situation in Ranft at that time. The alternative route is either via the Bruder Klausen Weg from Gasthof Alpenblick or on the Way of St. James from the St. Niklausen chapel down to the Ranft.

old footbridge 2007

The opening of the new Upper Ranft Bridge took place on 30 June 2016. Present were the Catholic and Reformed pastors, the Way Warden and the President of the Friends of the Way of St James with guests. The association co-financed the bridge. The path from the Mösli chapel to the bridge was newly laid out with many steps.

Bilder von der Einweihung

Opening Inauguration On the new bridge Mösli footbridge over the Melchaa Way from the Möslikapelle to the footbridge lightbox for MACby VisualLightBox.com v5.9

The way to the Mösli chapel

The way to the Mösli Chapel

Mösli-Kapelle Innenansicht

Inside the Mösli chapel, the crucified man stands out, who is only attached to the cross with one hand.


Click on him,


and on St. Wendelin (right side picture),


and on the altarpiece (St. Anna)!

The story of Ulrich von Memmingen, the companion of brother Klaus, is told very impressively in the form of blackboards.

Kopie vom Mariahilfbild in der Mösli-Kapelle

On the left side hangs a side-inverted Mariahilf painting. It was added to my collection of copies of the Cranach Mariahilf painting.

This is a copy, the originals from the Mösli chapel of the Mariahilfbild and of St. Wendelin (right) are supposed to be in the parish church of Kerns.

More about the Mariahilf picture

Click on the pictures to mirror the painting, turn back and compare with the original by Lucas Cranach.

Obere Ranft Brücke

The Upper Ranft Bridge - about a week old! Photo 8 July 2016

Die beiden Ranft Kapellen

The lower Ranft Chapel at Melchaa and behind it the upper Ranft Chapel

Ranft Kapelle Innenansicht

The lower Ranft Chapel


Click on brother Klaus (left) and on the altar!

The window above the entrance gate shows the inner wheel of Sachsler's meditation picture

More about Brother Klaus

The upper Ranft chapel

Interior view. Of course a statue of Brother Klaus must not be missing (front, right)


Click on the Brother Klaus statue!

Sachseln - Brünig