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Inzlingen is a municipality in the district of Lörrach in southern Baden and is located near Basel. The small moated castle of Inzlingen (also known as Reichenstein Castle) has survived the centuries and today presents itself as an idyllic jewel box.

Inzlingen moated castle with Nepomuk statue

Inzlingen moated castle with moat and bridge

The original castle dates back to the 15th century. The Reichensteins, a Swiss knightly family in the service of the Bishops of Basel, resided here. From 1819, several other owners followed until the castle was acquired by the municipality of Inzlingen.

The late medieval building with elements of the late Gothic and Renaissance styles was baroqueised between 1674 and 1745, but without removing all the details of its predecessor.

Engraving by Daniel Meisner from the year 1625

This is what the castle looked like before baroqueisation. Historical view by Daniel Meisner from 1625.

Inner courtyard moated castle Inzlingen

The small inner courtyard, where you can discover different architectural styles.

Stube im Wasserschloss Inzlingen

The castle now houses a first-class restaurant. The picture shows the Reichensteiner Stube.

The Nepomuk Room

The Nepomuk Room

Nepomuk statue in front of the moated castle in Inzlingen

South of the wooden bridge stands a well-preserved, baroque statue of St Nepomuk from 1731 on a pedestal decorated with a coat of arms.

St Nepomuk