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Görlitz - Leipzig shell symbol
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Group in Rainmontour

On our first day of pilgrimage it rained and that's how it was to stay for the next four days. All the rain also caused adequate flooding!

Starting point in Görlitz

Our pilgrimage route begins at the new Old Town Bridge, over which the Polish Way of St James joins the Ecumenical Pilgrimage Route. From the bank of the Neisse River, this then leads along an old Way of the Cross to the Holy Sepulchre and from there straight out of the city.

The photo is from the day before - without rain!


The path is excellently signposted. After the city limits, we follow the signs partly on cycle paths to Ebersbach.


In Ebersbach we meet Bernhard, who brought the accompanying bus here.

We arrive just in time for the church coffee and fortify ourselves with coffee, or rather tea and cake. Afterwards, the friendly priest shows us around his church.

The Ebersbach church dates back to the 13th century and is dedicated to Saint Babara. The Reformation, which took hold in Görlitz around 1525, did not stop in Ebersbach.

The single column in the nave is interesting. In a wall niche is a modern Barbara with a tower, modelled on the Gothic one.


Statue Hl. Barbara

Pictures on the balustrade

The Passion of Christ and His Ascension, depicted on the parapet in the choir.

Ebersbach, church

View back to the church in Ebersbach.


From the village, a little road with little traffic leads uphill to Liebstein. We leave Liebstein on field paths with a far-reaching view in the direction of the Königshain mountains. (See also cover picture at the top)


The gentle ascent in Germany's smallest mountain range - the Hochstein - begins in a forest, ...

Granite Rock

... leads to bizarre granite rocks ...


... and to the Hochsteinbaude. There you can have a simple and inexpensive pilgrim's meal.

Vreni in the forest

The path downhill again leads very beautifully through the (wet) forest.

path to Arnsdorf

Following the markings, we pilgrims come out of the "mountains" again to Arnsdorf.

Arnsdorf, church interior view

In the Arnsdorf church, sheltered from the rain, we take a short rest.

hostel Arnsdorf

There is a cosy hostel in the parish barn.

Arnsdorf church

We leave the Arnsdorf church. The path continues over the heath houses to Döbschütz along small roads, where the little bus awaits us.

We spent the night in Weissenberg. Since we didn't see much of Weissenberg in the rain, here are some good weather photos from the internet.


Weissenberg town hall

Main square of Weissenberg with town hall.


Weissenberg is famous for its gingerbread.

The Pfefferküchler make special pastries from flour, honey and many spices for all the festivals of the year and the course of life.