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on the road with the St. Jakob Pilgrimage Centre, Zurich


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Programme Goerlitz - Leipzig, Autumn 2010

24. / 25. September: Zürich Görlitz (Travel days)

Travel by bus towards Central Germany. On the way overnight in Chemnitz at the Hotel Alte Mühle.

On 25.9. onward journey to Görlitz. Check into the Hotel Meridian (Bismarkstr. 21). City tour with Mrs Birgit Ott. Organ performance in St. Peter's Church on the "Sun Organ" by Eugenio Casparini, 1703. Station walk to the Holy Sepulchre.

 26. September: Görlitz Weissenberg

Walk over the Hochstein to Buchholz.
Shuttle to Weissenberg. Overnight stay at the hotel at the station and privately with Mrs. Hoffmann.

27. September: Weissenberg Bautzen

Walk from Weissenberg to Gröditz. Onward march to Bautzen. Overnight stay at the Hotel Goldener Adler (Hauptmarkt 4).

 28. September Bautzen Kamenz

Walk from Bautzen to the Millennium Monument and up to Marienstern Monastery, by bus to Kamenz, overnight stay at Hotel Goldener Hirsch (Markt 10).

29. September Kamenz Grossenhain

Walk from Kamenz via Königsbrück to Tauscha.
Bus ride from Tauscha to Grossenhain. Overnight stay at Hotel Stadt Dresden.

 30. September Grossenhain Strehla

Walk to Merschitz on the Elbe and then along the Elbe. Due to high water we could not use the ferry at Strehla, but crossed the Elbe at the bridge at Riesa. Overnight stay at Ambiente Hotel Strehla (Torgauerstr. 20). Dinner at the Bastion Restaurant.

 1. October Strehla - Wurzen

Walk from Strehla via Liebschützer Berg and Dahlen to Dornreichbach.
By bus to Wurzen. Dinner and overnight stay at Hotel Restaurant Schloss Wurzen (Amtshof 2).

 2. October Wurzen Leipzig

Trip by bus to Leipzig. City tour and visit of the motet service in St. Thomas Church with the St. Thomas Boys Choir. Overnight stay at the Hotel Ibis Leipzig Zentrum (Brühl 69).

 3. October Leipzig Zürich Return journey

Travel documents

Pfeil nach oben

Pilgrims' Guide: The Ecumenical Pilgrimage Route through Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia

To order (including pilgrim's pass) from


Walking map of the Ecumenical Pilgrimage Route

Barthel-Verlag has produced a weatherproof map of the entire Ecumenical Pilgrimage Route with zig-zag folding.


Trail marking: excellent!!!


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