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What a splendid pilgrimage day; sunshine and pleasant temperatures. With friendly faces we go along briskly.

es geht flott dahin auf den Liebschützer Berg

After the pastor of Strehla showed us his church, we marched off with his pilgrim's blessing. First of all in the direction of Liebschützer mountain.

Ascent to the Liebschützer mountain

"Mountain", which means "climb", after all, the summit is 198 meters high!

flat aerea

All around the otherwise flat area presents itself.

Mill on the Liebschützer mountain

On the Liebschützer mountain stands this old mill ...


... and invites you to a short rest.


before we go further we have a spiritual reflection.

castle Lamperswalde

Easy and slightly downhill we march to Lamperswalde and go to the castle park for spiritual refreshment and lunch break.

Bridge over the castle pond of Lamperswalde Castle

The picturesque bridge over the castle pond.

Castle park

Here in the castle garden stood the former castle ...

Plan of Schloss Lampertswalde

... as can be seen on the plan.

church of Lamperswalde

In the church ...

church, interior view

... with its interesting interior there is a parlor for pilgrims with water, fruit and fruit bar.

priest stamps

The priest stamps our pilgrim's passports and gives us the pilgrim's blessing for the rest of our journey.


Now the area is flat.

Group along the way

We march at a brisk pace toward Dahlen.

Dahlen Market place

there we are already at the market place. In front of the flower house the fountain ...

fountain with bag hopper

... with the bag hopper.

Dahlen town hall

The town hall.

Marktet place of Dahlen

One more look back at the marketplace and we leave Dahlen on the Way of St. James, which leads past the castle.

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Castle ruin
castle ruin
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Baroque castle Dahlen
Baroque castle Dahlen

The late baroque Dahlen Castle, which was built by the Electoral Saxon Minister of State Heinrich Graf von Bünau between 1744 and 1751, burned down completely on March 20, 1973. It belonged to the Sahrer von Sahr family until 1945. In GDR times, the castle served as a meeting place for the people of Dahlen, for the shooting match, for tennis or as a youth club.

The efforts of an association to protect and preserve the castle from further decay can be followed on facebook under "Schloss- und Parkverein Dahlen e.V.". In 2017 there is an emergency roof, windows and partially parquet floors.

Road with row of trees

On road and field paths we hike to Börln. The rest of the way to Wurzen we cover by bus.

Escort bus

Arrival at the Schlosshotel Wurzen. Here we are unloading luggage.