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In the Saxon district of Bauzen, in Upper Lusatia, which is largely the settlement area of the Slavic Sorbian people, lies the community of Panschwitz-Kuckau, Sorbian Pancicy-Kukow, with the Cistercian monastery of Marienstern.

The monastery was founded in 1248 by the Kamenz castle lord Bernhard III. Until today a convent of nuns lives here with currently (as of 2021) 11 nuns according to the rules of the Cistercian order.

Eingangstor zum Klosterhof

As soon as you enter the large monastery courtyard, the fountain with the Bohemian lion and the Marian column catch your eye. Mary stands not only on the crescent moon, but also on a snake.

Bohemian lion Marian column
Abbey church

The abbey church is a late Gothic three-nave hall church from the second half of the 13th century. Like every Cistercian church, it does not have a bell tower.

interior view

The southern of the three ships is separated. It was already converted into the northern part of the cloister in the 13th century.

altar of Mary

The high altar is an altar of Mary.

gothic wing altar

One of the two gothic wing altars.

gotisches Kirchenfenster

The stained glass windows, which were made around 1375, show portraits of various saints and the coats of arms of noble families.


Inner courtyard of the cloister ...
(source: Wikipedia)

chapter room

... with chapter room.


Nepomuk Column

Church and abbey building

Church and abbey building

Nepomuk column and church

Once again the Nepomuk, he was added to my Nepomuk collection.

The monastery also offers accommodation for pilgrims.

Pilgrim stamp Marienstern