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In the 12th century a castle stood here to secure the crossing of the Via Regia over the Schwarze Elster. The town grew up around the castle. It was first mentioned in a document in 1225 and was elevated to a free imperial city in 1319. In 1346, the Upper Lusatian Six Towns League was founded, of which Kamenz became the westernmost member town. In 1707 a big fire destroyed many houses in the old town.

In 1729 the poet and writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was born in Kamenz.

goldener Hirsch in Kamenz

Here in the hotel "Goldener Hirsch" we spent the night. It is located opposite the imposing town hall.

town hall Kamenz

The classicist city center still symbolizes the civic pride of the people of Kamenz. The town hall in the Italian Neo-Renaissance style rises majestically above the red tiled roofs on the market square.

St. Marien church in Kamenz

The late Gothic church of St. Mary was built in the years 1275-1479. The 63 m high church tower was crowned with a Baroque dome.

Interior view St. Marien in Kamenz

View from the organ loft into the interior of the four-nave hall church.

gotic Marienaltar

Altar of the Virgin Mary around 1500

donor famila

The donor family (left choir wall) is busy praying.


Interesting gravestones in a side room of the church.

Lessing memorial

Very close to St. Mary's is a Lessing memorial ...

Lessing house

... and the Lessing house.

red tower

The red tower was originally part of the fortifications. Today you can enjoy the view of the city from the top (picture below).

Kamenz seen from the red tower